One Time Fee (For new students only)

Enrollment Fees ¥35,000 (Non Refundable)


Annual Fee 

Maintenance Fee (Once in a year) ¥20,000

Annual Tuition Fee ( Kindergarten 1& 2 )

Annual Tuition Fee ( Kindergarten 3 )
Annual Tuition fee ( Primary: Grade-1 To Grade-5 ) ¥480,000


The above tuition fee should be paid in three terms as below

  • 1st term (April To July) - Payment by 20th of March every year
  • 2nd term (August To November) - Payment by 20th of July every year
  • 3rd term (December To March) - Payment by 20th of November every year


Transportation Fee (Yearly)

Transportation fee for academic year 2015-16

AreaFee (Yearly)
Aoto/Ohanajaya Area ¥96000
Funabori/Nishiojima/Ojima ¥150000
Hirai ¥150000
Shinkoiwa ¥120000
Koiwa ¥120000
Gyotoku/Uraasu ¥200000
Kasai/Nishikasai ¥180000
Shibuya/Roppongi/Meguro ¥300000
Kawaguchi/Akabane ¥240000
Higashijujo/Shinden ¥180000
Otsuka/Itabashi ¥240000

Please contact with school administration for any other details information.


After-school Child Care Service Fee (Monthly)


Pelase contact the school administration for the details.


All the above mentioned fees are tax-excluded.

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